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Notations in square brackets attempt to provide a rating service for the interested reader. Ratings range from [★★★★], indicative of excellent mystery and historical value, all the way down to [] (don't bother).

If you have any additions to the booklist or can provide any of the information which is missing from this list, please e-mail to Richard M. Heli.

Happy reading!

Note: The Detective and the Toga was formerly The Sword and the Sleuth.

In terms of similar sites for Ancient Egyptian, Greek or Medieval mysteries. Ancient Egypt in Mysteries is a good bet for the first. For Medieval, please see Historical Detectives by Renée Vink. You may also like to try Nance Hurt's BrerFox list of medieval mysteries and cross-reference with Sue Feder's page for reviews of these same titles. For non-mystery Roman fiction, try Fictional Rome by Fred Mench et al., which includes reviews, but does not seem to have been updated in a couple of years. A similar site located in Germany, is Historische Romane über das alte Rom by Stefan Cramme. Finally, for the curious, there is also a personal reading list of non-Roman mysteries. Bonus feature: Board Games Set in Ancient Rome

Ancient Toga Costumes are used in many a school play and theater performance. In addition to the related toga, historical books linked the ancient Roman with Greek and Greek Goddess Costume designs.

The names of many generous volunteers follow (and what information they provided). Many thanks for the contributions!
  • Richard M. Alderson III - proofreading
  • Mike Ashley - Wallace Nichols & Anthony Price works
  • Jim Barker - Age of Treason
  • John W. Bierman - info on Classical Whodunnits
  • Michelle M. Biggs - other bibliographies
  • Jan Theo Bakker - the Italian novels [Ostia Antica]
  • Kate Birkel - J.M. Roberts
  • Thierry Bosch - the French novels
  • Kai Brodersen - Crimina
  • Joseph Casazza - French and Italian novels
  • Ted Champlin - Winterfeld novels, Wayne & Schuster
  • D. Comelli - French novels
  • Stefan Cramme - novels in Germany, France and much else besides
  • Susan Daniel - Albert Bell novels
  • Lindsey Davis - bibliography
  • David Emery - Synaulia music
  • Eli Eshed - DeFord works and The Riddle of the Red Wolf
  • Sue Feder - various [Historical Mystery Appreciation Society] [the mystery reviewer speaks]
  • Monika Ferrier - Mandino
  • Jane Finnis - her works
  • G. R. Hail - Harry Turtledove works
  • Orietta Hardy-Sayles - Murder Trials by Cicero
  • D. Hogan - the Barbara Hambly book
  • Heide Huber - creations
  • Lauren Jackson - the John Maddox Roberts books
  • Dean James - the John Maddox Roberts books
  • Lin Jenkins - a plethora of recommendations
  • Melita Kennedy - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Kishore Krshna - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Shai Laric - works of David Drake
  • Caroline Lawrence - her works
  • Antonio B. Leal - works of David Drake
  • Dennis Lien - much assistance with London Mystery Magazine, also S.P. Somtow
  • Kai Lindner - German publishing news
  • Ginny Lindzey - the Lindsey Davis website
  • Theresa Loong - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Helen Lovatt - mention of this site in Two thousand years of solitude: exile after Ovid edited by Jennifer Ingleheart
  • Bo Lundin - Swedish translations
  • Richard Lupoff - The Julius Caesar Murder Case
  • Bruce Macbain - link
  • Eric G. Mayer - his creations
  • Alayne McGregor - Canadian book sources
  • Ken Meltsner - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Andreas Möhn - his works
  • Doug Moncur - lots of great British publishing news
  • Danila Comastri Montanari - full bibliography of her work
  • Martin E. Morrison - other bibliographies
  • Jonathan Naughton - the works of Kel Richards
  • Leo Nellissen - the Dutch translations
  • Albert Noyer - his works
  • Eric Oppen - John Maddox Roberts
  • Jan van Puffelen - Dutch translations
  • Mary Reed - her creations
  • John Maddox Roberts - his creations
  • Stefano Rocchi - his and others' essays
  • Vasily Rudich - Benton, Mandino, Wentworth, Nèraudau
  • Jim Ruebel - The Conspiracy and The Ides of March
  • Steven Saylor - full bibliography of his many creations
  • Shauna Scott - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Jay Shorten - Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian and French translations, works of Jay Williams
  • Annie Sieberson - Past Poisons
  • Kelli Stanley - her work
  • Polly Stratton - Age of Treason
  • David Streeter - Saylor translations
  • A.C. Tassie - info on his works
  • Lea Tassie - info on Tassie works
  • Rita Y. Toews - her novel
  • Gil Torbeck - nonfiction bibliography, Spanish translations
  • Keith Turner - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Paul Utiger - background on Charles Connell
  • Marsha J. Valance - The Theft of the Golden Ring
  • Ricardo Vigueras - works of Joaquín Borrell
  • Renée Vink - Jean d'Aillon novel, Dutch translations, French novels
  • Arthur Royall Whitaker - The Julius Caesar Murder Case

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